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Designed by professional Hockey Goalie Kasimir Kaskisuo, it's the ultimate bundle featuring everything you'll need pregame, postgame and all the time in between to get ready to dominate on the ice.

Ab Sculpt: Great for core workouts and upper body strength. This Ab wheel is adjustable for an easier or more challenging workout. 

Core Sliders: This product is designed to challenge your core stability, cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility - all at the same time. Can be used to move forward, backward, side-to-side and rotate your body without restrictions for optimal functional sports movement. By simply widening or narrowing your hand or foot positioning, you can increase or decrease the level of difficulty of each exercise.

Fascia Release Roller (Medium): For a light-to-moderate soft tissue massage that is gentle enough for individuals new to massage therapy or with a relatively low pain threshold. The stretching strap features loop ends for convenience, it enables gradual stretching and can complement your foam rolling routine.

Flexiband (Medium + Large): Perfect for stretching pre and post workout, the PTP FlexiBand allows you to improve both your upper and lower body flexibility. It supports and helps you find a greater range of movement whilst completing your stretching routine.

Microband (Light + Heavy): Microband Heavy offers increased resistance and can be used for strength and endurance training as well as promote muscle growth. It can be used as part of a rehab program and to tone up buttocks, condition shoulders and improve hip mobility. Looking after the gluteal muscular region and the hips can play a key role in rebalancing the muscles of the body, and in particular alleviate some of the unnecessary strain often put on the lower back muscles. Maintaining good shoulder strength and mobility is also essential to most of your upper body movements. With the Microband Light, you will be able to improve your muscle & joint mobility and stabilization for a better performance of your daily movements or favorite sport(s).

Powertubes, Anchors and Handles (Heavy + Medium): The Powertube Elite Medium and Heavy are designed to provide strength and endurance training as well as promote muscle growth. Powertubes are compatible with PTP Power handles, ankle straps and indoor/outdoor anchors. Allowing you to perform exercises in multiple directions. Featuring our safety inner cord, it is also one of the safest resistance tubes you will find on the market. Highly convenient and portable, you can use the powertube to train anywhere.

Reaction Ball: Shortened response time & improved coordination. The odd shape of the ball creates irregular bounces when it hits a surface, forcing you to quickly shift direction to retrieve it. Use it against a wall solo or with friends for added fun.

Ice Therapy Ball: Designed to provide long-lasting cooling without melting. Use it frozen for a cool sensation. Or use it unfrozen for a frictionless massage. The unique finger groove design of the protective cover allows for a comfortable grip and prevents fingers from getting cold. The removable steel ball can be used on its own to easily self-massage those hard-to-reach problem areas.

Performance Mat: Stay focused on your form with the stability and cushioning of the PTP Performance Mat. Its soft rubber construction combines an anti-slip coating and soft cushioning for a high-performance feel. The mat is designed for optimal traction to prevent hands and feet from slipping during floor work, yoga or during HIIT training. The mat is lightweight, offering easy transportation with two eyelets for convenient hanging. Work on your balance, flexibility and strength like a pro with the PTP Performance Mat.


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