Ensure you read all safety instructions before use. Only use PTP products for their intended purpose and as demonstrated in any instructions provided with the product. 

Before starting any exercise activity seek medical advice in order to determine any condition that may prevent you from exercising safely (examples: pregnancy, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or cholesterol, diabetes, smoking etc.) These instructions do not, in any way, substitute expert medical advice.


  • The instructions herein do not, in any way, substitute expert medical advice.

  • All PTP products are tested for quality and use the highest manufacturing standards.

  • Using elastic latex products as resistance during exercise carries the inherent risk of injury or damage to property if the product were to break or be released under tension. Please adhere to all safety information to minimize this risk. By purchasing and using this product the consumer assumes all risk associated with its use and releases FSU of any liability.

  • It is up to the owner of the product to ensure that all users of the product are aware of all safety instructions and always supervised.

  • Product is not a toy and should be kept away from children or pets

  • Thoroughly inspect the product before each use for signs of damage, wear and tear that could cause it to fail during use. Never use a damaged product.

  • Practice all exercises in a slow and controlled manner.

  • Keep the exercise environment clear of debris and sharp objects, remove all jewellery, tie up long hair and wear fitted clothing to prevent injury.

  • Do not leave product in sun, direct light, rain or car. Always store in a clean, cool and dry environment. Do not store or use product in a hot environment.

  • See additional information regarding latex band/tubing products below


  • Do not use elastic latex product in a way that would cause them to snap towards the head and injure the eyes. Always wear safety glasses for protection during use.

  • Do not stretch latex bands more than 3 times its resting length. Over-stretching the product can result in injury.

  • Inspect the latex product for tears or abrasions before each use, especially at areas where the product is attached or anchored. If possible, vary the position that the product is anchored to prevent continuous wear in the same location. Never use a damaged product.

  • Ensure that the product is properly attached to PTP/BAHE accessories designed for anchoring purposes or secured around/under the feet when required. The point to which the product is anchored should be stable, fixed and smooth (1) Never fix anchor to a door in a way that could result in the door being pulled open. Always pull resistance products in a direction so that the door closes towards you. (2) If anchoring off a pole/post, always ensure it is well secured and not capable of snapping/breaking/bending under the tension or force of the resistance product.

  • Never release the resistance tubes/bands/handles while under tension. Sudden release will cause the tubes/band to snap back causing significant injury. Always carefully return tube or band to its original length before releasing.

  • PTP products can be washed with mild soapy water but MUST BE hung or laid flat to allow air dry out of direct sun. If product comes into contact with chlorinated or saltwater, ensure to rinse with fresh water thoroughly and promptly after use.

  • The latex colour WILL alter over time (fading or yellowing) as this is part of the normal oxidation characteristics of latex products. Product function will not be affected by fading or yellowing on its own.
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