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Our first goal is to get you moving. Our next goal is to get you moving smarter. What do we mean by this? We believe that if you train with sound technique, you will minimise injury and improve your chances of achieving your personal fitness goals. If you do move smarter when you train, you will perform better. Whether you are a ‘great’ athlete, a weekend warrior, or somebody just starting out on your fitness journey, at PTP we want to help you to move smarter and perform better.

A message from our Chairman and Athletic Director

A message from our Chairman and Athletic Director


To motivate and empower everyone to be fit, active and healthy

OUR mission

We strive to develop and deliver to our customers around the world, premium fitness products that embody design excellence and fitness programs underpinned with empowering knowledge.

Our total body conditioning philosophy is based on Smarter Movement, Better Performance.


At PTP, we believe that being fit and healthy should be accessible to all and we take pride in delivering products that actively contribute to your successful fitness journey.

We strive to consistently maintain the highest standards in product quality, convenience and functionality to help you reach a healthy lifestyle faster and more importantly help you to sustain it.

Far beyond just fitness products, every PTP product is supported by a comprehensive portfolio of instructional and educational content, created by experts. They are easy to understand and implement so that you can make the most of your training goals.




1999 Rugby World Cup Champion, Australian Wallabies Captain, 5-time Bledisloe Cup winner, Australia’s highest ever Internationally capped player with 139 Caps...

See George in action. He is respected throughout the Rugby World for his tenacity, tactical skill, leadership and sportsmanship. In 2010, George joined the FSU business shortly after its inception and has applied his extensive IP, professional network and knowledge of Fitness, Wellbeing and Sports branding to help build the FSU business to what it is today.George has also raised millions for Children’s Hospitals through the George Gregan Foundation and Fellowship, which focused on the treatment and diagnosis of Epilepsy. He is the Co-Founder of the GG network of cafes, wine bars and bistros across Australia, as well as being a Sports Rugby Commentator, Ambassador for HSBC and Land Rover and Executive Leadership Coach. George holds a Bachelor of Physical Education from the University of Canberra.

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Matt has achieved a Graduate Diploma in the Master of Business and Technology Program at University of NSW. A former professional rugby player, Matt won 3 first...

grade premierships, played in the Super Rugby series and later the English Premiership. In 1994, Matt co-founded start-up IT integration company, IMC Communications, leading sales and marketing, and later becoming an equity partner. In 2000, Matt co-founded software start-up, livepro® Australia. Matt led the livepro® business, building a strong blue-chip customer base. Matt is still an owner and director of livepro® Australia. In 2010, Matt co-founded Fitness Systems United. FSU owns the brands PTP, BAHE and MEDIFIT. In 2012 Matt and his partners sold IMC to Japanese technology giant Ricoh. Matt was appointed to lead the new strategic business unit, IT Services, at Ricoh. In April 2018, Matt left Ricoh Australia to work fulltime at FSU and is currently the Managing Director.

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PTP is proudly Australian-owned and operated.


Our products are all designed and developed in Australia and manufactured offshore.

What is known today as PTP, first came into the Australian market in 2010 with the PowerTube Pro Total Resistance Gym (TRG). Designed with versatility and convenience in mind, this product was created to truly be a “GYM IN A BAG” and offer a training solution to use anywhere and anytime. A single, modest, but clever product offering.

Shortly after our inception, George Gregan, Rugby World Champion, World Record Holder and former Australian Wallabies Captain, joined the PTP team. See George in action. George brought his winning mentality and elite fitness knowledge to the company with a view to grow our product range and to develop comprehensive workout programmes and instructional advice for our customers. From that point on, the brand continued to innovate and gained popularity for its great attention to design, functionality and accessible educational content.


Today, PTP strives to offer the latest portable fitness products and combined with empowering knowledge to ultimately, become an integral part of every personal fitness journey.

Our total body conditioning philosophy encompasses, Prehab, Rehab, Strength, Core Strength, Cardio, Mobility through to Recovery, Flexibility, Massage Therapy Products.

PTP has experienced rapid global growth and now services customers in over 30 countries around the world.

We are passionate about helping our customers all around the world to move smarter and ultimately perform better in whatever fitness or sporting goals you set out to achieve.



PTP is the brand of choice for elite Strength and Conditioning Coaches to ensure their athletes are best prepared to win!


Australians & sport go hand-in-hand

Australians are born into very active lives. We love to play sports, to compete and thrive on an attitude of being the underdog, the little Aussie battler! A small population, fanatical about beating its bigger opponents.

Australians are exposed to a broad variety of sports; we learn to compete from a young age and learn to enjoy that competition. That learned competitive nature carries many Aussies through to the highest levels of their chosen sports. At the Olympics, Australia often finds itself in the top five of the medal count, despite its relatively small population of around 24 million people.

Aussies identify with the success of our teams and athletes. We love to win! Sport is a huge part of the Australian psyche and culture, but more importantly so is good sportsmanship, enjoyment, and respect for their opponents.

This is a big part of what makes up the PTP DNA, and we know this resonates with our friends in the USA!

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