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Delly's choice,  the Pre-season Warm-Up & Agility bundle is great for activating muscles with X Rope, strengthening ankles/lower legs with Stability Disc and, strengthening and muscle toning with Microband X Ultra Light.

X Rope: This lightweight jump rope enables super fast wrist rotations, making it an ideal jump rope for HIIT and cross-fit training. Perfect for testing your skills at single, double or triple unders. By simply loosening the Fast-Track adjustable screw, you can easily customise the length to your own height and fitness level. The handles are designed for effortless grip and efficient wrist rotation. 

Stability Disc: Elevate your workouts by adding an element of instability and improve your core strength, balance, coordination and posture. The unstable platform forces the body to stabilise joints and react using the core muscles as an integrated system. Simply change the level of inflation for more or less stability and challenge. 

Microband X Ultra Light: For strengthening and muscle toning, the knitted PTP Microband X Ultra Light is perfect for individuals seeking to start exercising or slowly return to physical activity. It can be used as part of a rehab program and to gently tone up buttocks, condition shoulders and improve hip mobility. For functional training that recreates everyday/sports specific movements that improve mobility and coordination.


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