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Delly's choice, the Strength and Core bundle is great for strengthening core muscles with Core Sliders, activating glutes with Microband X combo and upper body and core exercises with Powertube+ Heavy

Core Sliders: This product is designed to challenge your core stability, cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility - all at the same time. Can be used to move forward, backward, side-to-side and rotate your body without restrictions for optimal functional sports movement. By simply widening or narrowing your hand or foot positioning, you can increase or decrease the level of difficulty of each exercise. 

Powertube+ Heavy: The Powertube Heavy is designed to provide gentle muscle toning. It will suit those seeking to start exercising or to slowly return to physical activity after an injury. The Powertube Heavy is compatible with PTP Power handles, ankle straps and indoor/outdoor anchors. Allowing you to perform exercises in multiple directions. Featuring our safety inner cord, it is also one of the safest resistance tubes you will find on the market. Highly convenient and portable, you can use the powertube+ to train anywhere. 

MicrobandX combo: This special combo pack contains 3 resistance levels - Light, Medium and Heavy, designed for all fitness levels and goals. The Microbands are designed to deliver progressive resistance training by effectively strengthening muscles to improve functional and sports-specific movements.

The Microband X Light is perfect for strength and endurance training. It can be used as part of a rehab program and to tone up buttocks, condition shoulders and improve hip mobility.
The Microband X Medium is ideal for strength and endurance training as well as promoting muscle growth.
The Microband X Heavy is ideal for increased strength and endurance training as well as promoting muscle growth.



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